“If you are interested in supporting my candidacy for the US Congress, feel free to donate any amount today.” ~ Ned


Ned was essentially born fighting to survive. He is no stranger to hard work and does what is necessary to get the job done.

Ned started swinging an 8 pound sledgehammer in Northeastern Kansas to split wood. At 12 years old, his father was unable to continue working due to arthritis. His family had to survive off of their land which had a small garden and some chickens. He was able to help put food on the table by catching fish at a local pond but eventually it just wasn’t enough. When church got involved and had to bring food in the back of a pickup Ned felt compelled to do more for his family. He worked 60 hours a week during his senior year of high school and 80 hours a week the following summer. He pushed through to put himself through college at the University of Texas.

Ned has been in the medical field for more than 50 years, was a registered nurse for more than 45 years and owns Reliable Nursing Services, Inc. With this, you can trust that he has the knowledge to fight for your medical needs and the healthcare services Americans deserve. He has been a Hay Broker for 8 years giving him insight within the agricultural industry.

He is proud to be an American, a lifetime NRA member and firmly stands with Trump. You can be sure that he only has the best interests of Americans in mind.





Ned Stands With Trump

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    Limited Federal Government

    Ned believes in fiscal responsibility and as a student of economic and progressive history he has a good grasp of the issues that are plaguing our country. He strongly believes the Fed causes more harm than good, the government should stay out of small business and the family farm.

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    Trade and Economy

    Ned is in favor of a comprehensive trade policy, he will fight to revamp welfare programs and supports drug testing those receiving welfare. Ned will also fight to redirect welfare benefits from able bodied recipients to the disabled and elderly.

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    Ned’s 45 years of experience as an RN has given him a unique perspective on life. He believes a child should not be punished for their parent’s mistake. Roe vs Wade has created exceptions for abortions, those exceptions have led to 3rd and 4th trimester abortions. Ned will fight to ensure no tax money is used to subsidize abortions.

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    Drug Prices

    Ned promises to fight for reasonable drug pricing. During his 45 years as an RN he has seen the price of insulin skyrocket from $10 a bottle to now costing over $10,000 for a year’s treatment.

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    Big Tech & Automation

    Ned promises to keep labor industries in the USA and will hold big tech accountable for censuring free speech.

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    Ned promises to help Trump and the GOP repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. The government has allowed a monopoly called joint commission to raise the cost of healthcare. He will push forward legislation to break up the government’s direct involvement with insurance companies and big pharma.

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    Ned supports legal immigration based on merit. He supports building the wall, promises to end birthright citizenship, improve e-verify and deport those that have overstayed their visas. Ned will push for tighter security at the southern border through the use of technology and an increase in border patrol personnel.

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    Military and Defense

    Ned believes in a strong military and understands that a strong defense is needed to deter aggression. He also believes we are not the world police and will work to get us out of endless wars that have plagued our country in the past.

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    Pro-2nd Amendment

    Ned will ensure the people’s right to bear arms will not be infringed upon. Period

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    Balanced Budget

    Ned will have a significant conversation with Kevin McCarthy indicating that people in his district hate continuing resolutions (CR), which are essentially 15,000 page spending bills that nobody has a chance to read and basically amount to kicking the can down the road with no change in amount or what the money is being spent on. The people do not want to vote in favor of these bills.


Elect NED LUSCOMBE for Texas’ 11th Congressional District

“Support me as I run for Congressional Office in 2020 in Texas’ 11th Congressional District. I intend to give the people a new voice in congress.” ~ Ned